What finish is right for your project?

What finish is right for your project?

15th February 2023 · Amanda Wright

What finish is right for your project?

Growing in popularity is the customisation and creation of bespoke metal fabrication projects.

Where each stage of the fabrication process is carefully considered and planned. From initial CAD drawings to welding, shaping, bending, and more.

However, the most important part of the fabrication process comes in the form of finishing.

Providing your metal product with the finishing touch. The final stage before the product is ready for use – or in some instances, display (check out our work on Apertura 1900), finishing impacts aesthetics, performance, and safety.

With the right finish you can extend a product’s lifetime, create clean and polished looks, and ultimately, make metal items look their best.

Trust us, finishing is an important step in the fabrication process.

How do you choose?

Choosing the right finish will typically be determined by client preference and the intended use of the product, especially as different finishes offer various benefits, and the one you choose will depend on what you want to achieve, i.e., remove imperfections, protect from rust, or create a good base for further work.

The good news is that your North-east based fabricators, Morfabrication, are on hand to provide you with some of the most popular finishes, advising on the metals they’re most suited to, and the benefits they can provide.

Metal finishing – your options

Powder Coating

One of the most common and popular finishing options, powder coating provides metal surfaces with a tough, durable exterior that boasts colour texture.

Steel Fabrication - Powder CoatingPowder coating is suitable for any silver, brass, and other metallic finishes, and you can also get any colour and shade while requesting a gloss or matt finish.

Powder coating is an efficient process that offers versatility and options. Due to the application process, it is twice as thick as paint, making it incredibly robust, as it also sees a reduction and greater resistance to chipping and scratching.

Suitable for large and small projects and ideal for products that move frequently, this flexible finishing option requires little maintenance while offering high quality.

Wet Spraying

Wet spraying is a great option if you have a large surface that requires finishing or a product that is unsuitable for powder coating.

A fast application process, wet spraying is versatile and can provide a consistent look and even coated finish across larger projects.

You will find a vast colour range providing you with options and a colour match that meets your requirements. Wet spraying can also be incredibly cost-effective, durable and adds a superior finish.

Metal PlatingCNC profiling - outdoor water feature

Metal plating could be the best option for you if you need to protect products from corrosion. Providing more stability and strength, metal plating protects from everyday wear and tear and helps make products more sustainable.

Metal plating can also provide an aesthetic appeal, especially if you need to create a specific look.

Increasing durability to the surfaces the plating is applied, chrome plating prevents corrosion and can make cleaning and upkeep easier.


This finishing process is most suitable for particular customised fabrication projects. Helping to protect from corrosion and provide a stronger resistance to wear and tear and UV rays.

Anodizing will not show fingerprints, and can also dye metals to meet set requirements.


Perfect for steel or iron projects, galvanising helps to prevent rust from forming on the surface of the metal.

Providing a long-life expectancy, if you’re looking to create a distinctive look and feel for your product or your metal structure is exposed to external elements (like our Apertura 1900 project), then galvanising is the right steel fabrication finish.


Maybe your product doesn’t need any colour, additional layers, or protection against the elements and an industrial polish is all that is required to provide a clean and finished shine.

Polishing can remove minor scratches and imperfections and is a great way to enhance a metal structure’s appearance.

Polishing reduces the build-up of corrosion, provides durability, prolongs life span, and is suitable for stainless steel, brass, and in some instances, metal-plated products.

Finishing and steel fabrication

When choosing the right finish for your steel fabrication project, you must think about how the product will be used, where the project will be positioned, the cost, and which process best aligns with your requirements.

Outlining the pros and cons, Northeast steel fabricators, Morfabrication, can help manage your entire fabrication process from initial concept and design to finishing and installation; we offer a range of steel fabrication services.

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