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Dispatch & Assembly

Our metal work services don’t stop on the shop floor.

We leave no grey area or corner unturned when it comes to offering our customers end-to-end metal works services, and this includes ensuring the product reaches you in perfect condition.

Dispatch & Assembly Solutions

We know we create quality products in our factory space, and we understand how these products are assembled, constructed, and placed into their final position to achieve your requirements.

That’s why as part of our complete service package, we offer full dispatch to anywhere in the UK and installation, so your finished product comes to you exactly how you expect and want it to.

Of course, if you have an in-house installation team ready and waiting, we’re also happy to pass all projects across with full details and our working knowledge – we’ll never leave you stranded.

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Quality control at its finest

Quality control at its finest

All projects we undertake follow rigorous quality controls, with checks carried out at multiple stages. 

All materials and products are checked before being packaged and loaded, and we ensure that all packaging is suitable for the materials in question.

Loading is handled with care with suitable distributors chosen where necessary (we work with local trusted suppliers wherever possible).

To us, quality is an action more than just a word.

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Installation - it's a team thing

Once your products are delivered, our experienced team can be on hand to install all components and complete the final part of the project.

Alternatively, if you have an installation team already prepped and ready, we’re happy to work with your team to ensure a seamless delivery and installation process. Providing complete information and detailed installation specifications.

We aim to be flexible as we know on large-scale projects, things can change at a moment’s notice; that’s why so many commercial and retailers choose to work with us.

We are:

  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Experts in installation and assembly
  • Efficient in set schedules.

Our team can prepare on-site for your teams to assemble, or we can assemble and install on your behalf. The choice is yours.

We’re also available for disassembly where required or for projects that have short life spans, for example, pop-up shops, artwork installation, etc.

Areas we cover

We offer a transport and logistics service that operates all over the country.

As fabricators in the Northeast, we work across the UK, supporting businesses and industries with all their welding and fabrication needs.

Check out some of our recent installation work for Barbour and Apertura 1900.

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