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Metal Forming

“Forming allows us to show our customers our innovative and creative side. Transforming sheet metal into any shape is an art form and one which we do extremely well”.

Metal Forming


Bringing parts and components together to create the final result, we use the process of forming to change the shape of sheet metal to meet set specifications and requirements.

Using stress techniques such as compression, shear, and tension, our teams are meticulous throughout the process of stretching and bending sheet metal to create the required shape without the material’s strength and durability being affected.

We’re proud to work and support those businesses operating in the automotive, construction, electronics, and retail sectors. 

Working with designers, architects, commercial agents, retail stores, and more.

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Why Choose MorFabrication for your metal forming need?

Why MorFabrication?

We continue to invest.

Investing in our equipment, in our workshop, and in our team. We’re committed to staying up to date with new methods and techniques, and we ensure that as well as having the right and most appropriate tools at our disposal, our team is experienced and highly trained in all tried and tested methods and forming processes.

In metal works, knowledge and experience is indeed power.

Offering you high precision, reliability, exceptional quality, and continuous efficiencies, people work with us time and time again because we not only meet expectations, but we also go beyond them.

We also work with a number of trusted suppliers to help fulfil specific requirements as we strive to ensure our service to you is as seamless and smooth as possible.

From offering high-quality products through to finished products, we’re with you every step of the way.

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Benefits of forming

  • Offers strength and durability
  • Ability to create sustainable products
  • It is a cost-effective process to achieve desirable outcomes
  • The end result is an aesthetically pleasing product
  • You can create the product you want, making it bespoke to you/your project
  • There is less waste as sheet metal is designed and cut as required
  • Due to no cutting requirement, the forming process is quicker and more efficient
  • Metal won’t break or crack when hammered or pressed into shape.

At MorFabrication, we can work to very high tolerances, assessing all situations to provide the right solutions for you.

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