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Steel Fabrication Finishing

powder coating · copper finishing · wet spray · chrome plating · metal polishing

Steel Fabrication

Is a product even finished if it hasn’t been through our finishing process?

We offer a complete service from start to finish, and finishing is a big part of this. Providing you with additional added value as you choose what your final product looks like and how the finish should be.

From powder coating, copper finishing, wet spraying, chrome plating, and metal polishing, we know what works and the best solutions for your products. Our finishing service is suitable for all aluminium and steel-based products.

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Steel and Metal Finishes

Finishes available

Powder coating – you have a great choice of colours with powder coating, which, compared to paint, is more resistant to scratching and chipping. Powder coating is also an extremely efficient process creating an even look that leads to high quality and requires very little maintenance.

Copper finishing – copper finishing is durable, malleable, and corrosion resistant. It also offers incredible conductivity properties, and as it is naturally adhesive, it won’t separate from other metals. Copper is also reasonably in-expensive and provides a great finished look.

Wet spraying – is a suitable option when you need to cover a large surface or if the product is not suitable for powder coating. Fast, versatile, and ideal for most products, wet spraying offers a consistent look and feel.

Chrome plating – increasing the strength and durability of the surfaces to which it is applied, chrome plating can help prevent corrosion and make cleaning easier.

Metal polishing – is a great way to enhance the appearance of a product, really making it stand out and bring it to life. Metal polishing can also prolong the life span of a product, increasing its durability and preventing the build-up of corrosion.

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Fabricated steel spindles for staircase in the home.

What makes us different?

We provide:

Choice – our vast range of finishing options is available with our customers in mind. We know that every bespoke product deserves a custom finish; that’s why our team continues to go above and beyond to ensure every finish is the right solution for you.

Flexibility – we work to meet your requirements and specifications. Flexible in our approach, we’re agile in our processes and take a practical solution-based focus to finishing.

Quality – we’re meticulous with our quality processes; it’s what sets us apart. We carry quality inspections out at every stage, and finishing is no exception. We continue to invest in technology and equipment to offer you the most creative and innovative finishes your product deserves. We believe that finishing should not be a long-drawn-out process but one that is efficient and of high quality.

Sustainability – we like to think we create products that last a lifetime, providing solutions that are suitable, practical, and fit for purpose.

We also work with local suppliers who we trust to deliver expert specialist services for our customers.

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