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CNC Profiling

Taking it beyond your basic cutting and profiling.

Our experience spans all aspects of fabrication, including CNC profiling, and not to brag, but this is where our high-quality standards shine through.

CNC Profiling and CNC Machining

Cutting flat metal into any shape takes skill. Precision. Patience. And the right tools.

It takes MorFabrication.

Create your prototype before going into full-scale production and let us create the product you require efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Is CNC machining for you?

  • Are you looking at ways to increase cutting capabilities?
  • Do you need greater accuracy and precision?
  • Is reducing lead times important?
  • Is quality high on your agenda?

If you answered a confident YES to even just one of these questions, then CNC profiling is for you.

Our profile cutting process produces little to no waste using plate cutting technology and machinery to cut through flat sheet metal with ease and control.

Providing greater accuracy, quicker assembly, and lower production costs, chat to a member of our team to see how you could benefit from CNC machining.

We offer you

Working with MorFabrication, we use our skill, knowledge, and experience to turn sheet metal into usable shapes and functional products using high tolerances.

We work with you and your design specifications to create the file suitable for your product and the production of such product. This file is kept secure and allows you to reproduce and create the exact product over and over again.

When working with an experienced team who value accuracy and precision, CNC profiling can be built into more extensive processes, speeding up manufacturing and creating lean lead times, with batch processing also available upon request.

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We don’t just talk the talk

CNC profiling is not something we simply do. 

At MorFabrication, we do it, and we do it to an extremely high standard.

From pipe tubing for retail units to bespoke copper bar tops with aged patina, water features to cover unsightly outdoor shopping centre drains to seated planters created from corten steel, our customers put our skills to the test.

And at MorFabrication…

…we always exceed expectations.

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