Benefits of using steel in construction

Benefits of using steel in construction

12th April 2023 · Cathy

Benefits of using steel in construction

Structural steel is used everywhere.

From bridges to high rises, warehouses, factories, skyscrapers, and more, structural steel is one of the best and most reliable metal choices for the construction sector.

In fact, steel is one of the central component metals used in construction, allowing for high structures – which can be added to – and robust lengthy warehouses and factories, structural steel can provide it all.

In addition, local steel fabricators will use a series of robust and stringent fabrication processes, i.e., cutting and welding, powder coating, drilling, etc., before assembly takes place, maintaining tight controls and reducing potential manual errors occurring on site.

The uses of structural steel come from the vast benefits that this metal offers. Benefits that we will look into in more depth throughout this post.

What is structural steel?

Structural steel is a type of steel that can be moulded and cut for use in building construction.

A dynamic material, structural steel can be formed and manipulated using various fabrication techniques into a vast range of shapes and structures.

Steel is also one of the most reliable metals as it is consistent and uniform in its properties, properties which do not change over time.

Advantages of structural construction steel

Unbelievable strength

Tough and durable, as the second strongest metal in the world, steel is essential in the construction and engineering industries.

With a high strength-to-weight ratio, steel can withstand earthquakes, thunderstorms, and even cyclones.

Providing considerable strength, steel can also be lightweight, making it an ideal metal to work with.


Steel and sheet metal are incredibly flexible. You can bend, shape, mould, and cut steel to meet any requirement and specification. Offering sturdy support no matter your steel

design or structure. For designers and architects, this allows for greater creativity in concepts and freedom in design thinking.

Allowing for open-plan designs that create space and are functional for multiple purposes.

You can also make additions to steel structures very easily, which is ideal if you want to

increase the length of your factory building or add another floor to an apartment block.

Steel is pre-fabricated

Most steel structures can be split into more manageable components allowing for easier transportation and where fabricators can assemble on-site. Structural steel in construction that has been pre-fabricated can be quickly erected using bolt holes and interlocking joints.

Due to the quick construction, construction businesses save time which means ROI will also be positively affected.

Pre-fabricated steel is also highly adaptable, as areas of a building/construction can be configured and reconfigured into various spaces as and when required.

Pre-fabricated structural steel metal is often carried out at the factory, which allows fabricators to maintain a controlled environment – keeping safety and quality high.

Provides a high level of safety

Steel is a non-combustible metal, so it won’t ignite, causing severe damage and injury. Steel is also resistant to rust and corrosion (if treated and maintained), which means you can have

peace of mind that once structures are in place, in place is where they will remain.

Protecting occupants and building contents from fires, high winds, severe snow, and ice, bespoke steel fabrication is water and air-tight making it the best choice for your architectural designs.

Extremely durable

Steel is incredibly resistant to external elements, such as severe rain and snow, providing structures with a lifespan of between 10 to 15 years. Resistant to rust, rot, mould, shrinkage, pest damage, and warping, steel is a viable solution for construction works.

(You can also check out our next post on how to weatherproof steel fabrications to see how to protect your steel solutions further).

Low maintenance

Simple and easy to maintain structural steel is extremely reliable and cost-effective.

Problems with steel structures can also be repaired quickly and easily (when you opt to work with a professional fabricator), especially as steel is not prone to distortion.

Building manufacturers and contractors also generate minimal waste during fabrication, keeping construction and implementation low maintenance.

Value for money

It’s reported that steel frame solutions can reduce building structure costs by up to 6% when compared to their counterparts, i.e., concrete, brick, and mortar.

Steel is also sustainable as it is 100% recyclable and adheres to high environmental standards. This means you have peace of mind in your structure, and the metal you are using is long-lasting, highlighting its cost-effectiveness.

Uses of steel in construction

The benefits of steel cannot be underestimated, and as your local steel fabricators, we’re pleased to provide a vast range of solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Highly experienced and specialising in all aspects of fabrication, we provide you with long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing, and energy-efficient buildings and structures. To find out more and to see how we can help with your next steel project, contact us today at 0191 816 2718 or email