Morfabrication Chimes in on Apertura 1900 Project

Morfabrication Chimes in on Apertura 1900 Project

27th September 2022 · teamvalleyweb

Morfabrication Chimes in on Apertura 1900 Project

A new sculpture installed in Walltown Country Park, one of Northumberland’s many incredible National Parks, Apertura 1900 celebrates 1900 years since the original construction of the infamous Hadrian’s Wall.

Set to inspire visitors, this interactive sonic sculpture by Ed Carter, Nick Kirk, and Tony Broomhead sits within a particularly popular section of Hadrian’s Wall, with the sculpture providing shimmering lights and sounds in the ever-changing great Northumberland landscape.

Professional steel fabricators, Morfabrication Ltd, based in Gateshead Newcastle, was chosen as the steel specialist for the project tasked with creating the overall structure of the sculpture and the chimes that provide the main focal point of the piece of artwork.

Speaking about the project, David Morland, CEO of Morfabrication, “we’re proud to be part and work on such a prestigious and monumental piece of artwork. Celebrating the history of Hadrian’s Wall and also the Northeast. 

“There are various detailed intricacies in the design of this sculpture and a lot of wind chimes! Completing the project to the vision and specification of the designers, the final piece of artwork, with all wind chimes in situ, is incredible, and certainly worth a visit.”

Apertura 1900 is available to visit at Wall Town from 10th September until 2nd October, where visitors can experience the sound and sight of 1900 copper wind chimes.

Fully funded by North of Tyne Combined Authority, Apertura is free to attend, bringing together people across Northumberland, the Northeast, and beyond to celebrate shared history.

“Hadrian’s Wall is a big part of our history, and we’re pleased to be part of such a creative and out-of-the-box design and vision that helps to recognise this.”

“We’re extremely proud to see the hard work of our team, for the artists’ vision of this structure come to life, and of course to hear all 1900 wind chimes take over the beautiful Northumberland countryside”.

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