Tortilla Project
CAD designs
Tortilla and Morfabrication

How do you stand out among a sea of culinary competitors?

You work with a steel fabricator to create the most incredible and unique interiors around.

Oh, and then you replicate this throughout all of your restaurant chains to achieve and build brand consistency.

Welcome Tortilla.

As a restaurant, Tortilla is known for its big Mexican flavours and superb service, and as the brand expands, its look and style are also growing with them.

Looking for something different and edgy, Morfabrication is working with Tortilla and their new stores to create that unique look and feel, putting our steel fabricating skills to the test.

What have we done:

  • Manufactured and installed steel trunking for light fittings
  • Produced and fitted steel plates for keylock clamps, fastening these securely onto tables and high seating areas
  • Installation of steel trims and shelving brackets
  • Powder-coated bases for seating
  • Steel menu framing
  • Finished and fitted bespoke beer cage shelving cupboards, housing a neon ‘salsa’ sign, behind mesh sheeting, with the unit finished using a clear matt lacquer
  • Installed counter fronts with a rusted steel look finished with a matte lacquer and an inset blackened steel skirting.

Using modern, bare steel allowed us to keep with the brand and the vision that Tortilla has. Providing a rustic yet contemporary look and feel from the moment you approach the entrance.

“Working with the Tortilla brand and seeing empty units change into rustic, state-of-the-art, modern restaurant chains is fantastic. That and being able to support Tortilla’s creative vision with steel fabrication.”

“From Corten counter fronts to rusted steel shelving unit cages, we’re proud to play our part in the conversion of these retail spaces working in collaboration with Flex Interiors and Joinery,” commented David Morland, CEO of Morfabrication Ltd.

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