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Kiwi Designs & JD Sports

Kiwi Designs & JD Sports Project

Display it in Steel

The high street.

A place where a good visual presence, a strong brand, and enticing promotional pitches can be everything.

And we mean everything.

Retailers today, of course, want to stay ahead of the competition, lure customers into their space, and ultimately sell, sell, sell.

This is where Morfabrication comes in.

The Client

Kiwi Designs and retail giant JD Sports.

Looking at ways to entice more customers through the door, JD Sports has invested heavily in its retail stores, positioning itself as a high-value brand where you shop for the items but also for the experience.

The Project

To create a robust, LED point-of-sale screen that the JD team can use for advertising, promoting latest offers, making announcements relating to new products, and more.

The frame to support the screen was to be custom-made with the requirement to be load bearing, with the ability to hold a 3×2 metre screen.

Our team got to work and produced the screen as a modular system for easier transportation, setup, and take down.

This modular approach gave the customer more flexibility and allows the screen to be purposeful to meet a range of alternative requirements.

The screen was manufactured from steel sheet metal due to its strength and durability. In addition, we wanted the screen to be able to withstand the test of time, offering JD Sports a sustainable and cost-effective option (especially in comparison to plastic counterparts).

After the fabrication elements were complete, we organised packing and delivery to the store in Wales.

Elements of the steel fabrication process used in this project included:

  • CAD Design (we were provided with the design and, from this, created the appropriate files for profiling)
  • CNC profile laser cutting
  • Folding and bending sheet metal (forming with a press brake)
  • Captive nuts
  • Welding (MIG and TIG)
  • Assembly
  • Powder coating
  • Delivery

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Kiwi Designs & JD Sports

Kiwi Designs & JD Sports