Benefits of quality control in metal fabrication

Benefits of quality control in metal fabrication

20th June 2023 · Cathy

Benefits of quality control in metal fabrication

Metal fabricators are often seen as an extension of your team, and as such, we understand that you require high levels of quality to protect your products and business reputation.

However, quality comes in many forms and from various procedures within the fabrication process, which we will look at in further detail throughout this post.

In fact, for metal fabricators, having in-house quality control procedures in place helps to ensure safety through increased measures, more cost-effective processes, and a high level of consistency that often leads to repeat business.

Metal fabrication is a varied area, requiring a great deal of technical expertise and experience. Those who work with tight quality control procedures are those who not only boost customer loyalty but also their bottom line.

Benefits of quality control

Increases safety in every aspect

Safety in fabrication is essential. The fabrication process uses intrinsic tools and often heavy-duty machinery, making it vital that everyone knows and is trained in operating these pieces of equipment, the correct Personal Protective Equipment is available, and you have the right quality controls in place to ensure maximum worker safety.

With the right safety controls in place, you can also ensure the safety of the final product. For example, by implementing testing into the process, you can check the integrity of the product, testing that it is fit for purpose and safe for use.

Metal fabrication companies also have a legal duty of care to ensure the well-being and safety of their teams. Quality control procedures carried out throughout certain processes help to eliminate numerous safety hazards such as poor product design, accidents in the workplace, and improper use of equipment. Identifying hazards before they become a problem.

Creates cost savings

High-quality standards increase employee safety, preventing you from being liable for workplace accidents which can be extremely costly.

The right quality checks can also spot issues with materials as they make their way through the fabrication process, allowing you to fix the problem before it becomes a more costly error.

Costs can also be reduced when the correct and most appropriate materials are identified and used from the beginning. This, matched with using the most efficient processes, is all cost savings that could be passed on to customers making your business more attractive compared to your competitors.

Keeps you compliant

It is vital that metal fabricators comply with industry regulations and standards; the reality if you don’t is hefty penalties and fines, even legal charges, and lost customers.

Ideally, metal fabricators should have specific accreditations and certifications to show they are continually adhering to industry standards.

It’s also vital that you have adequate resources, expertise, and equipment; cutting corners can result in significant problems further down the line.

Keeps everything consistent

With the right quality controls in your metal works, you can standardise fabrication processes which will enable you to create consistency in workmanship.

From welding to cutting, punching, shaping, and bending, fabricators have a lot of responsibility in numerous areas, and consistency can often be key.

To learn more about what a metal fabricator does, check out our latest blog post.

Boosts customer loyalty

Customers stay with those they trust. Those that deliver high-quality goods consistently, time and time again. This level of consistency helps to build credibility and keep customer satisfaction high – which in a world where an online review can make or break a business, it is essential.

Trust us, consistent quality products lead to more repeat business.

Creates high-quality products

From understanding where the steel originated to its alloy compositions and the formation processes that will be used, a quality analysis must be built in from the start to guarantee a high-quality end product.

Protects business reputation.

Nothing can affect your business more than poor quality. Sending customers running straight into the arms of your competitors, if you are seen to be a business that takes the wrong risks, you produce low-quality products, or it is perceived that you’re operating below industry standards, expect to lose customers, and quickly.

The benefits of quality control in fabrication are vast, and ultimately, they should be carried out to determine process flows, check for errors, improve safety, look for areas that could be more cost-effective, and more.

Good quality control processes provide customers with more value, which is something that can truly set you apart.

Quality control in steel fabrication

Those businesses that have good, high-level quality procedures in place are those that show their commitment to maintaining industry best practices and helping to maintain quality and safety throughout the fabrication process.

From carrying out regular checks, inspections, and testing/sampling, Morfabrication is leading the way in quality metal works in the Northeast and throughout the UK.

We always aim to go the extra mile, recognising the importance of safe, high-quality products for our customers.

To learn more about our services and to see how we can help you today, call 0191 816 2718 or email; we’d be happy to help.