Corporate Social Responsibility: More than just a box to tick

High-quality products that support sustainability, delivering outcomes that people can rely on.

At MorFabrication, we take our corporate social responsibility seriously. We want to play our part in creating a greener, more sustainable future. That is why we continuously look at ways to improve our processes and techniques to ensure we are operating in an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable way.

We’re committed to monitoring and evaluating our processes and procedures to ensure they are fit for purpose and have a positive long-term impact.

To our teams, CSR is more than a box to tick.

We firmly believe positive partnerships are the way forward in delivering bigger opportunities.

Investing in the right tools and quality components; with everything manufactured in our 3,500sq ft factory, we can weld, precision engineer, cut, and finish all on-site, ensuring the highest standards always.

Proud of our Northeast roots

Looking for a metal fabricator near me, look no further.

Morfab teamA team based in the Northeast but operating throughout the UK, we provide a whole host of metal fabrication services and look at ways to engineer and manufacture products that minimise our carbon footprint and lessen our environmental impact.

Due to the sheet metal we use and the experience and standards we have and uphold, we aim to manufacture and engineer products that last a lifetime.

Support beyond the factory

We know that people are the backbone of our business, and we understand that everyone’s circumstances and lives are different. That’s why we support individuals and charities across the Northeast with who we have close connections and strong links.

We’re big advocates of the Royal Marines Charity. Supporting individuals who give up their time freely to do something truly amazing as well as challenging to raise awareness of mental health issues and what support is needed now and for future generations.

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We’re on a mission to deliver more sustainable projects through our innovative fabrication processes.

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