Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better in Steel Fabrication

Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better in Steel Fabrication

22nd November 2023 · Cathy

Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better in Steel Fabrication

We understand that saving money is high on everyone’s agenda, and choosing the lowest quote is incredibly tempting; however, to build a sustainable business, project, or application, the focus should be finding an economical solution – which leads us to cheaper isn’t always better.

It’s about the quality. Meeting industry standards. Working relationships. Processes involved and so much more.

A custom fabrication company that can deliver on all of the above while remaining competitively priced is worth the investment.

Alternatively, you could end up with an incredibly low-quality steel component that is not fit for purpose, and you end up spending more in the long run as you compensate for the bad quality.

In addition, you also have to ask what is included in the price. Is it low for a reason, i.e., do you now face high delivery charges or small additions that are considered extras? Are deadlines missed by the fabrication company, resulting in you incurring additional expenses and costs?

Our recommendation to avoid all of these issues is to find and work with a high-quality fabrication team who can provide you with the following:

Experience – what experience do they have in your sector? Have they worked on projects like this before? Can you check out their work, speak to past customers, etc? Not all fabrication companies are equal, with varying levels of expertise, years in the industry, and different scales of operations.

Equipment – good, high-quality steel fabricators will avoid cheap steel fabrication equipment. They invest in the best tools and cutting-edge technology to give their customers a finished job they can be proud of.

Accredited – do they hold the right accreditations and certifications to instil confidence and provide you with peace of mind that their processes are quality assured and they uphold industry standards?

Training – do they have various skills, always improving and updating their services, showing a commitment to further learning and development?

Fabrication Works

If the price you receive from your metal fabricator seems too good to be true, unfortunately, it probably is.

Some of the areas to look out for and that may start alarm bells ringing include:

Timely quotes – do you receive a timely response to your request? Can they deliver on your deadline? Often, receiving a timely response can indicate how they will handle your overall project.

Compare quotes – getting three quotes for steel fabrication works is always advisable. This allows you to spot a company that may be way out on their pricing and provides further details and cost ideas for your budget. It is also sometimes necessary to look beyond the numbers and consider experience, professionalism, equipment, technology, accreditations, etc.

Certifications – can they deliver to CE standards? Do they abide by health and safety legislation? Have any other formal certifications or accreditations that demonstrate their commitment to quality?

Past projects – if a company is reluctant to show you some of their previous work or can’t provide customer testimonials, this should start alarm bells ringing. A professional team will be proud to showcase their fabrication works and will most likely have case studies and a portfolio they can provide.

Poor reputation – if someone has made negative comments online, there’s always a reason why, and it’s important you find out that reason.

Poor quality – due to cheap metal fabrication equipment, final product outcomes are low quality and look low quality and cheap.

Hidden costs – are there hidden or now unexpected costs because they have missed certain items and scope? Underestimated the complexities of the job?

How can you avoid cheap metal fabrication?

  • Know exactly what you want, and work with your fabricator on all specifications and certain requirements.
  • Explain your delivery schedule and if there are any “no compromise” areas for you.
  • What finish is required?
  • Do you have to meet any specific compliance requirements? Requirements that your fabricator must be made aware of.
  • Always ask for references and follow up on these. Check them out online, view their work, etc.
  • Ask questions and lots of them. For example, ask what their steel fabrication process is. What equipment do they use? What do they do in-house vs outsource? Do they have the right qualifications for the job?
  • Do your research into metal fabrication; not all companies have the same capabilities you will need to complete your project requirements. Find out what you need and then start your search on who can deliver this for you.

Metal fabrication often requires numerous processes, equipment, and resources to produce the final product. This means your steel project might not be the cheapest but it will be cost-effective.

Invest in high quality and don’t let cheap metal fabrication affect the project’s integrity.

Custom Fabrication

Our Morfab team is proud to offer clients a full fabrication service, from cutting to shaping, welding, and finishing; we see your project through from start to finish, offering extremely high quality at every stage.

We care about the projects we deliver and the people and teams we work with, and we understand that you’re putting your trust in someone else to deliver a quality product, so you have to make the right decision for you.

Our advice….

Avoid poor fabricators at all costs, as they will and do negatively impact your reputation and professionalism.

For a team you can trust, call 0191 816 2718 or email for further information at info@morfabrication.com – we look forward to hearing from you.