Steel staircases in residential properties!

Steel staircases in residential properties!

4th May 2023 · Amanda Wright

Steel staircases in residential properties!

When you think of a metal staircase, your mind will probably picture a fire escape or some sort of external staircase, most likely powder-coated black or still in its original stainless steel silver colouring.

And this is not uncommon.

But what about inside your home?

Your main staircase.

The focal point when you walk through the entrance to your home…

Introducing metal into the fabrication of internal residential staircases is continuing to grow in popularity due to the number of benefits steel provides homeowners.

Not only is this metal durable and safe for indoor and outdoor use, but with the right design, it can transform your space and give your home a more modern and contemporary look and feel.

If you’re looking at upgrading your staircase and you’re looking for a unique and standout design, or maybe you want a statement staircase that gets people talking, speak to the team at Morfabrication today.

Why opt for steel fabrication?

From mild steel to stainless steel, steel that has been galvanized, and those that have been powder coated, this metal is hardwearing, flexible, and designed specifically to meet individual requirements.

This means your design and vision for your home can become a reality.

Working to architect and designer specifications, steel staircases can create a stylish look for your home and let an abundance of natural light shine through; these staircases are available in a range of different looks and finishes, with various colours also available.

Installed with various handrail and balustrade options with steel fabrication, the choice is yours.

Types of steel staircases

Designed to blend with the aesthetics of your home, we want to create a design and style of staircase that suits you.

That’s why we work collaboratively with you throughout the entire process, from initial concept to installation and finish.

Types of staircases that incorporate metal features include (but are not limited to):

Sleek steel balustrades – offering strength and reliability, steel balustrades provide you with many choices when it comes to design and style.

Metal spindles set in wood bases – more traditional and a mix of contemporary and classic, this is a popular option in many residential properties.

Internal glass with metal adaptors – glass staircases are growing in popularity and are matched with metal adaptors/clamps to hold the glass panelling in place. This type of staircase creates an incredibly sleek look.

Stainless steel handrails – often found in office and apartment blocks, stainless steel handrails provide a sleek look and easy-to-maintain staircase support.

Laser cut infill designs – unique, robust, and available in a range of colours through powder coating, staircase designs have never been so creative.

Benefits of metal staircases

Bespoke to you – metal staircases are manufactured from custom designs and concepts. They can also be made to measure and are available in various colours, with metal incorporated into staircases in multiple ways.

High quality – steel is a robust metal offering incredible strength and durability properties. Long-lasting, steel brings with it a high level of quality that can stand the test of time.

Aesthetically pleasing – incorporating metal into your staircases allows you to create a stylish, contemporary look for your home. In addition, due to the range of finishes and colours available, you can match your staircase perfectly with the internal aesthetics.

Low maintenance and long-lasting – steel doesn’t warp, twist, or suffer wood rot, problems with pests, or damage over time, making it an incredibly low maintenance and long-lasting solution.

Quick installation – most of the steel fabrication process will take place at the factory unit, so when the staircase reaches you, it will be in completed parts for easy and quick assembly.

Cost-effective – due to steel’s reliability and long-lasting quality, metal staircases can be more cost-effective than their counterparts.

Is now the time to upgrade your staircase?

For a bold and versatile staircase that offers a design and style that is unique to you and your home, look to incorporate steel in your staircase design.

Fabricated and installed steel staircases to high standards that meet all health and safety standards, the team at Morfabrication has years of experience in the field.

Providing you with complete design proposals and steelwork in any finish and colour, our manufacturing and installation service is second to none.

To find out more and see how we can help you today, contact us for further information; we’d be happy to help.